Are Moving Companies Affected by Inflation


Inflation, an economic concept, is an economy-wide sustained trend of increasing prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. Moving companies like other businesses are affected by inflation. The depth of the effects may, however, differ as compared with other businesses.



  1. Higher Operating Costs

The first effect of inflation on moving companies is increasing operational costs. Due to inflation moving companies will buy fuel/gas at higher prices than before thus increasing their operating expenses and eating up their revenues. High inflation also leads to increased pay demands as workers strive to protect their incomes. This leads to increased labor costs and lower profits for moving companies.


  1. Higher Customer Charges

Moving companies affected by higher operating costs will pass the costs to the consumer unless they plan to make losses. Thus with their same salary consumers will have to pay higher charges for moving services. Some consumers may reject higher prices and cut back spending to preserve their budgets. This may lead to fewer moving customers, lower earnings and probably culminate to layoffs in moving companies.


  1. Uncertainty in Business

High and volatile inflation is bad for business confidence mostly because of the uncertainty of costs and prices. The uncertainty may lead to lesser spending in investment capital and thus lower profits for moving companies.




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